Future Christchurch Transit Map

chch transit mid v2-02


Note: the above large image have been changed to a second version of the map with larger text, as kindly advised by the Transit Maps blog. Thanks Cam!

First post!

Disclaimer: this is a fantasy map and the following musings on the future of Christchurch’s transport network are incredibly unsubstantiated – I have no idea whether the stuff featured on this map, like a new transfer station at Riccarton and high-frequency light rail, have any possibility of actually working and/or being economical! Purely a wish list!

The main mapping project I’m working on (a map of the historical tram, rail and ferry routes in Dunedin) has hit a bit of a roadblock, and so to pass the time I starting doodling my idea of a quality public transport network in Christchurch. These are the original drawings:

I started with the current five high frequency ‘Metro Lines’ that the regional council operates and added heavy and light rail:


The rail lines all have already been proposed in some form or another, from the Green Party’s election promises and private crowd funding projects to high-detail reports from Environment Canterbury and Regenerate Christchurch. The only route that would require a significant amount of new infrastructure is the cross-city light rail line, running from the airport to New Brighton via the central bus interchange and the red zone (in which I’ve featured some of the current regeneration proposals). The heavy rail routes would utilise current tracks (although those tracks would likely need to be double tracked, as mentioned in the ECan report).f477a-red2bzone-04

Future Christchurch Transit MapDue to the heavy rail completely bypassing the central city, an efficient transfer station between heavy rail and rapid transit to the CBD would be required. I imagine such a station would be placed well at the intersection of the Main South Line and Riccarton Rd, where passengers could

transfer between commuter rail from Rolleston, Rangiora and Lyttleton to high-frequency light rail to the CBD, or onto frequent buses to other areas of the city.

Future Christchurch Transit MapThe Lyttleton line would not only act as a commuter line from and to the fast-growing Lyttleton township, but also as a general passenger line for use by locals and tourists as the Lyttleton road tunnel reaches capacity.

Very little changes were made to the frequent bus routes; the only two of note are an extension of the orange line to Lincoln (my hometown which is now experiencing considerable growth) and a re-route of orange and green lines passed the Addington train station.

Hope to catch you on the X train to Christchurch Ecosanctuary sometime in the near future!


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