Historical Ferry and Train Services in Dunedin


I’m currently putting the final touches on my historical tramway map, and I thought in the meantime I’d post this little mini-map that will feature on the final product. Shown are the railway and ferry services of Dunedin between 1900 and 1957. The dark orange railway line shows commuter rail while the light orange arrows indicate the intercity and regional rail further North and South. I was amazed to discover that trains stopped in the city at stations other than the central railway station – Kensington and Pelichet Bay were both distinctly urban stops! Kensington station was located south of the Oval, near the current Kensington Pub, and Pelichet Bay was located just south of where Forsyth Barr Stadium is now. (I also stumbled across this letter to the editor in the ODT from 1874 regarding the lack of shelter at Pelichet Bay and the poor ladies that had to stand in the rain.)


The coloured ferry routes show general routes that boats took, although, as you’d expect, these boats changed their routes throughout the 57 year period of this map. There were other jetties at the city end (Stuart St Jetty, Pelichet Bay Jetty) and at Anderson’s Bay and Vauxhall, however, I’ve omitted them in favour of keeping the time period fixed at 1900 to 1957 (in line with the tramway map).

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