Dunedin Flat Maps

Dunedin has some funky student culture to it. One aspect of that culture is the naming of flats. Sarah of the Dunedin Flat Names Project has been documenting the names of these flats, as well as their stories, since 2000. All of that effort has been collated into a fantastic new book – Scarfie Flats. Sarah sent me a Twitter dm back in winter last year asking if I’d like to contribute some mapping to the book, and now you’ll find my work at the back and throughout the pages!

All the ‘featured flats’ of the book – where Sarah delves into the history of their names and stories

Above is what I ended up sending Sarah for the book. It’s a simple, stylistic view of Dunedin with a few things that could have been improved… but hey.

I became ridiculously busy in the second half of last year, so what I ended up providing for the book was much less than what I wanted to do… Here’s some random bits of design process:

My main idea was to make strip map style diagrams for each well known Dunedin flatting street. As an example, here are maps for Union St, Albany St and Clyde St:

Strip maps for three main streets

Who knows, maybe you’ll be able to see the strip maps for all of these ‘lines’ when the second edition comes out..!

Update — July ’19

The Otago University Students’ Association have put up the map in their (or should I say our) student bar! It’s up there with photos of the featured flats too.

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