A (better) Dunedin bus map

I’ve been working on this one for half a year now (but to be honest, I finished the bulk of it a few months ago and then kept sidetracking myself), and happy to say it’s done! There are still some things about it that irk me but I’m going to call it here before second semester begins.

DunedinBus_Final_300-05 - Copy

Not much to say about this one. The official Dunedin bus map sucks, so wanted to make a better one.

To prove my point here’s the official map:

There are certainly many, many improvements to be made on my map – the central city area is still rather hard to follow and there’s no indication of which routes are ‘frequent’ (I didn’t even know we had frequent bus routes in Dunedin when I started this project… ). I might have another go at it once the bus hub is up and running, hopefully then routes change to more streamlined corridors, making the central city less garbled.

Remember to always thank the driver 🙂

Update – Autumn 2019

The ORC have released a new map with the Bus Hub and I’m working on my own v2…


  1. Fantastic map, so much better than the official one. A few additions to the route numbers:
    6 = Calton Hill – City – Pine Hill (the return of 5)
    15 = Ridge Runner (Not Pine Hill)
    37 = Concord – City – University (the return of 38)

    1. Thanks! Ahah yes I intentionally only gave 5/6, 10/11 and 37/38 one number because in my mind having two numbers is silly and it’s my map 😉
      But cheers for pointing out the no. 15 error!

  2. Amazing work!

    Very minor omission: the 63 travels to the Mornington shops before backtracking along Eglinton Road to turn into McNee St or head down High St.

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