An Unfinished Map

Two years ago I shared my Auckland Tube Map. It received a fair amount of attention and continues to be the most popular post on this website — which I suspect is because there isn’t an official Auckland rapid transit system map (apart from the flimsy strip map that doesn’t do the network justice).

Since sharing that map, there’s been heaps of developments, announcements and corrections I wanted to include. For two years I tried to fit working on it around other mapping projects.

I left work an hour ago thinking I’d finish it off this evening. I opened the Illustrator file, looked at it for a minute, and… nah. There are other projects I’d prefer to work on! I don’t see myself returning to it in the future, so here it is in its glorious unfinished state.

I’ll have some very exciting news to share soon — a major project is in its final stage! While you wait for the nail-biting mapping news, enjoy these two great new albums from two of my favourite musicians.

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